Posted by: kennyt212 | July 29, 2010

National Call on the Gulf Oil Spill (2)

Hi everyone,

I hope all is well-thank you for keeping up with our blog updates and thank you for your support of all of us here at NCC!

On Wednesday, August 4th, at 3:00pm EST, the National Council of Churches and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism will be hosting a conference call (probably about one-hour long) to discuss the Gulf Oil Spill.   Just like our previous oil spill call, this will be a great opportunity to receive updates about what is happening on a local and national level, and to discuss long-term impacts and  how we can continue to respond to the crisis.  Anyone is welcome to join the call, and we hope that you can take part in it if you are available.

If you are INTERESTED in joining this call, please RSVP to Kenny ( so that you can receive the call-in information!! Thank you in advance for your participation and please spread the word to friends who might be interested as well! Take care!



  1. Earth Healing Day’s website needs a Christian worship presence. Can you add your perspective? I am preparing a worship service that will be posted soon, many voices will make it better. Noon-1 pm in your local time zone, participate in a planetary “wave” of prayer, chant, song – by any means – a lifting of our voices in unity for healing our wounded planet.

  2. Forgot to mention the date for Earth Healing Day. Sunday August 15, from noon – 1 pm your local time zone. Please pray with us!

    • Definitely! Thanks for sharing. What exactly do you mean by a “Christian worship presence”?? Please stay in touch.

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