Posted by: mcgurker | August 17, 2010

Meeting God in the Deep Waters

“Deep waters call for a trusting heart and invite adventure into the unknown.  The disciples of Jesus at the shores of Lake Gennesaret had fished all night and caught nothing, yet Jesus bids them to launch anew, this time trusting themselves to the deep waters. And something wonderful happened!”

This excerpt from the National Council of Churches resource, Stewards of the Bay draws on Luke 5: 1-11.  This passage of scripture challenges those of us involved in Eco-Justice ministries  in many ways. It compels us to never give up.  Even when success seems impossible, Christ calls us to keep going.  Jesus’ command to put out into the deep water is an invitation to enter into a deeper, transformative relationship with God. By entering into this relationship, we can trust that the impact of our ministry will be profound. Additionally, this story teaches us to stand in solidarity with one another.  Just as the other boat was present to help  when the disciples called,  we must be aware and ready to respond when our partners signal to us for help.

Invitations into the Deep Waters:

Seeking God’s Grace for the Gulf: A Day of Worship Reflection and Healing. October 3, 2010 – Thankfully, the oil well polluting God’s deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico has been plugged.  But the pain and suffering of the families, communities and creation is only just beginning. Now is the time for prayer, worship, reflection and, most of all, healing.  The National Council of Churches invites you to take this opportunity to lift up our neighbors in the Gulf and commit to working with them for the long term recovery of the region by hosting a worship service, candlelight vigil or other event that lifts up the needs of those in the Gulf.  Worship resources will be posted soon at

Stewards of the Bay: Stewardship Training Event. October 30, 2010 – The National Council of Churches and First Baptist Church of Highland Park are hosting a Stewardship training day for congregations in Maryland.  Learn how your congregation can protect God’s Creation in the Chesapeake Bay by using energy efficiently, conserving water, and creating Bay friendly church grounds.  Contact for more information  or visit Download Stewards of the Bay resources here.

“Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O Lord.” – Psalm 36:6


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