Posted by: rachelbr86 | December 2, 2010

An Invitation to Hope this Advent

This week the world is tuned to the Cancun climate talks because we are listening for some good news for the environment. We are eagerly listening for a sign of hope, but if I am cynical I might argue there is not much. The debates in Congress about the clean air act do not produce much hope on a national level either.  These policy debates and global gatherings probably provide more reasons to be cynical about change than to believe anything will be different.

For many of us in local communities it is tempting to be overwhelmed by all the negative information and doomsday predictions connected to environmental degradation.  It is easy to fall into a trap that says change is foolish, or the world will never “clean up” its act. There is climate change, dangerous chemicals in our water and food, mountain top removal, and the list goes on. There are many days that there does not seem to be an end in sight.

Advent is a time of preparation, and waiting. As Christians we are physically withholding our excitement, and ache with the waiting desire for a child to be born that will bring the hope of  God’s  new future for the world. As we wait, we long and desire to meet the new child that is coming, but we may be afraid the new birth will not come. Why are we waiting? Because the world is not as it should be.  We know something is missing.

This waiting and trusting in the future that is Advent, is the same desire people might have as they work for change in our world.  As we enter the season of Advent, perhaps we can take a moment and dare to hope. This is our time to dare to hope with the naiveté of a child that a new world is possible. This is a time to turn away from our despair and cynicism and join with all those people who work for change even when they don’t know what the outcome will be. We can decide to be a partner in God’s creation, and partner with God in hope.

As we prepare for birth and new life we can take a moment to make space and prepare for God in our lives. We can make space for God among all the horrible depressing news, and a space for God to bring hope, love and joy into the world. How are you going to prepare for this Christ child who brings hope into the world?   This child of God is telling us the world will be made new. As you wait for Jesus in a world where things are not all right, where there is pollution, suffering and climate change, the question of Advent is, what are you going to do? How will you prepare to hope?

Perhaps you will check out our take action section and sign on to a legislative petition.  Or, you can get involved by (click here):

Asking Congress to Make Christmas Toys Safe for Our Kids

Helping tp Protect the Clean Air Act and make sure it remains strong (sign our petition)


Want to think more about what Advent means, here is a great article by Rob Bell.


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