Posted by: rachelbr86 | January 19, 2011

Think Twice before you Taste the Rainbow

Skittles candies are all the colors of rainbow, and have the same flavor diversity.  The question arises, where do all these flavors and colors come from, are they natural?  Artificial coloring has invaded our pallet and the world has not been the same. What are the affects of all these chemicals on our bodies?

Some groups are starting to raise concerns. The Chicago tribune reported that “European Parliament last year began requiring products containing synthetic food colors to carry warning labels saying that “consumption may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.””  The United States government has not done anything, about this potential hyperactivity. In the past food coloring has been linked to cancer, and more serious side effects than just hyperactive children.

While European groups are raising these questions, the United States has not been stepping forward. Many food dyes were not tested until 1960, and than many we had been using did not pass the test.   Chemicals with some risk are still on the market, and could be in our systems. (Tribune’s article There are options for natural dyes, but they will not produce the brilliant colors our population is accustom too, or turn your tongue such a bright shade of red, but still a viable option.

The issues food dyes is only one of many concerns about chemicals in food and other products. Toxic chemical can hurt people, animals, plants and ecological systems. Perhaps it is time to get more careful.  Strong toxic chemical policies can protect especially growing children.

Consider signing our Interfaith  Statement for Chemical Policy Reform.  Think twice before you taste the rainbow.


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