Posted by: tylere108 | February 3, 2011

Keeping Kids Safe from Chemicals

Day after day, hour after hour, children in our communities are exposed to the various chemicals that are used in countless products we come into contact with each and every day. Yes, these chemicals are bad for each of us but they are particularly problematic for children.

Children, with developing immune systems and smaller bodies, are least able to deal with the constant onslaught of chemicals. Chemicals come from cleaners, personal care products, plastic food and drink containers, textiles and even children’s toys! As people of faith, we are called to protect all people and life here on Earth. Reforming chemical policy so that untested an harmful chemicals do not enter our bodies without us knowing is one way to do that.

Senator Lautenberg (NJ) has been a long-time champion of reforming chemical policy and protecting children and vulnerable communities from the impacts of toxic chemicals. As the new Congressional session begins, Senator Lautenberg continues his effort to seek chemical policy reform.

Today, Senator Lautenberg held a hearing on chemicals and toxics to hear from companies and concerned individuals on this issue. The National Council of Churches submitted a letter to the Senator, reflecting the urgent need for chemical policy reform highlighting our faithful call to protect all of God’s children.

You can read our letter and you please join us in the effort to eliminate toxic chemicals from God’s creation.


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