Posted by: rachelbr86 | April 26, 2011

The tomb is empty

On Sunday in many sanctuaries across the world we acknowledged that the tomb is empty and this is a miracle.  I think often we rush to the fact that since the tomb is empty that we know Christ is risen.  But the women, and the disciples, they did not know what had happened to Jesus.  They were confused and hurt that his body was missing from the tomb.  In that bewildered state many options were probably going through their heads:” someone stole the body”,  “ did we come to the wrong place,” “ did he not really die?”.   It seems that none of them thought Jesus had been raised from the dead (until they witnessed it themselves).
We should live in that empty tomb experience for a moment ourselves. Allow ourselves time to reflect on what that emptiness means for our lives, and all the options that we have when there is nothing.  In that emptiness there is space for new possibilities.  When there is loss of jobs, or relationship,  or even life, a space opens up for something else to emerge.  That new thing could be a remembrance of that life,a new relationship, a new job, a different direction in life.
Emptiness might take the form of devastation from an oil spill last year in the Gulf, or the removal of a mountain. Perhaps it is even a nuclear power plant disaster like Chernobyl or the current one in Japan. These are horrific acts (like Jesus’ crucifixion) but God is still there. God is working through people, and places to create something new.

The emptiness might be leaves falling off a tree to make room for new seeds.  Or perhaps the emptiness of the garden or farm after we have finished harvesting the crop.  The field might appear to be temporarily barren, but it is anticipating of new crops being planted, or new life from tree seeds.

The availability of new options does not mean we do not mourn what we lost.  Those that found the empty tomb cried.  They were sad that Jesus’ body was not there.  New possibilities emerge for us in this resurrection.   This is what is means to live as Easter people in the promise of resurrection- to allow space for something new to happen, something God can do.  After these people mourned, they took action.
The disciples and the women, they had work to do, but first they had to live in the emptiness. From that emptiness they had to decide to act, what to do next. They made space for a new possibility.
At the start of this Easter season, perhaps each of us can live into the emptiness of the tomb, and ask God what new actions do I need to take?  Where is the emptiness of the tomb leading me?
It led the disciples to discover the miracle of resurrection, and eventually to start the Church. Alleulia! Christ is Risen!

Today we could take a new step toward resurrection by contacting our senators about one of these issues:
Protect the Clean Air Act. Right now, elected officials are trying to limit the Clean Air Act’s ability to regulate pollution. Click here to tell your U.S. Senators to protect communities and God’s Creation by protecting the Clean Air Act.

Reform our National Chemical Policy, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Click here to ask your Senators to make safeguarding our children and God’s Creation from dangerous toxic cancer-related chemicals a priority this year.


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