Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | May 5, 2011

A Mothers Day Prayer

Holy Creator, Author of life, you gave us our mothers’ wombs as our first environment. In acts of faithful stewardship, expecting mothers have abstained from foods, drinks, and activities that could harm the sacred little lives unfolding in their wombs. Mothers have worked hard to create safe, healthy homes for their babies and growing children. We thank you, God, for these mothers whose acts of stewardship, sacrifice, and protection reveal your life-giving mission to sustain generations of your children throughout time.

God of Health, Wholeness, and Holiness: you have commanded us to honor our mothers. Yet, toxic chemicals in everyday products undermine our mothers’ work to protect children’s health. When an expecting mother cleans her home, she intends to protect her family from mold and grime, yet toxic chemicals in cleaning products can get into her body and breastmilk, as well as increase the whole family’s risk for asthma, skin irritations, or cancer. When a mother warms a baby bottle, toxic chemicals in the plastic can leach into milk or formula, disrupting the fragile hormone system of her baby. God, the sources of poison seem overwhelming, and we lament the fact that dangerous toxic chemicals have been found in the bloodstreams of 99 percent of pregnant women.

God of Justice, help us honor our mothers. We ask you, God, for the will and way to stop the toxic chemical trespass on our homes. We call for our government, companies, and all people to uphold our mothers’ work to create safe, healthy environments where all can work, play, and pray.  Amen.

May 5-6th are the “Honor Thy Mother” call-in days for healthy families. Click here to call your Senators and ask them to protect mothers and families from toxic chemicals.

For more information on the National Council of Churches’ Environmental Health Initiative, click here.


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