Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | June 13, 2011

Called to Care for God’s Creation: A perspective from an Environmental Studies major at Africa University in Zimbabe

Albert Otshudi Longe is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies at Africa University in Zimbabwe. His focus is biodiversity. He is a United Methodist Summer Intern with the National Council of Churches-USA Eco-Justice Programs. He sees this summer as an opportunity to relate his faith and knowledge to our common Christian call to care for Creation.

As Christians, we have been called by God to be stewards of his Creation. The Almighty created us in his image and gave us the responsibility to look after all other creatures in a responsible way. Our authority is not of destroying or altering what God created but to keep it in a natural state that will continuously make nature pleasing to the eye and good for food. With the current trend in the abuse and overexploitation of natural resources, especially the non-renewable resources, we are obstructing God’s purpose for humanity. All resources in our environments should be well kept for the benefit of future generations. We need not to deny future generations the ability to witness the diversity of God’s Creation.  The Bible calls us to be good stewards of Creation. Not because it is useful to us as humans but because the Creator has given us such responsibility. In as much as we feel that we need to be our brother’s and sister’s keepers, so should we be keepers of the environment. As individuals we can stand and protect nature in various ways and conserve the resources that God has given unto us. The depletion of fresh water is a threat to human health and ecological balance and so we need to minimize the use of water so as to properly take care of God’s resources. Do everything remembering that the Lord has given you the responsibility to be the custodian of his Creation and you will be accountable for your actions. Let’s be good tenants and stewards.

You can find resources to care for God’s Creation at


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