Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | June 28, 2011

Justice: What does it mean for Creation?

Albert Otshudi Longe is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies at Africa University in Zimbabwe. He is a United Methodist summer intern working with the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice programs. He looks forward to this summer as an opportunity to relate his faith and knowledge to our common Christian call to care for Creation.

Most often when we hear the word justice, we think of justice among fellow humans and the custodians of legal codes. But justice is more than fair treatment of humans, and it also includes fair treatment of God’s Creation. Justice for God’s Creation means taking proper care of Creation and offering it a service that it deserves and also the service that we desire. This aspect of justice is often overlooked by a number of Christians as they simply advocate for justice among fellow brothers and sisters. We need to extend our care and quest for justice to God’s Creation as we are mandated by the Lord. We need to practice justice towards Creation because we all are in the same covenant with God. Our destructive actions are crimes against Creation and we have the grace of redemption and the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to practicing impartial justice. It is only until such a time when we realize our unfair treatment of Creation that we may become good stewards. The just world we all seek to live in should also be extended to God’s Creation and we need not only to advocate for it but practice it. The role of Christians is not to identify wrongdoers and point fingers on their actions but to examine ourselves and the relationship we have with God’s Creation.  Our lives should portray justice and bear witness to our desire and commitment to a just world for all. As God is the Lord of justice and mercy, so we need to offer justice and mercy towards Creation, so  that we may become a living sermon to the world.

I encourage you to take steps to learn more and act for justice. An issue close to my heart is bio diversity. You can find information about biodiversity at


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