Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | July 1, 2011

Go Green to Show Your Red, White and Blue Pride

Celebrating Independence Day is sure to bring surges of patriotism and celebration to neighborhoods and churches across the country. While we celebrate our national independence, let’s also remember our interdependence with all God’s Creation.  One of the most patriotic things you can do this weekend is plan a celebration that also helps steward God’s spacious skies, amber waves of grain, fruited plains, and purple mountains’ majesty.

SAVE ENERGY for God’s spacious skies and mountains’ majesty.

Saving energy can save mountains if you live in a place connected to mountaintop removal coal mining. Have your party in daylight so you don’t have to keep all your lights in the house on. If you are partying at night, consider using some sustainable candles to add ambiance.

REDUCE TRASH AND EAT SUSTAINABLY for God’s amber waves of grain and fruited plains.

Partying outdoors will help all your guests enjoy God’s Creation, and it also reduces the need for throw-away decor such as streamers and balloons. If you need to buy decorations, consider getting ones you can re-use in future years. For example, small flags to put in flowerpots or prop up on furniture can always be re-used.

Consider offering some healthy organic fare and avoid pre-packaged food. Your guests will appreciate the healthy options and you will do them a favor reducing their exposure to preservatives, pesticides, and food packaging chemicals. You will also reduce the amount of trash that results from your gathering.

SHARE RESOURCES to Crown Thy Good with Brother(and Sister)hood

Building community is part of ecologically just living.  God assured us that where two or three are gathered, there God is among us. Consider hosting a potluck where everyone brings their own dishes, silverware, and cloth napkins. You’ll reduce disposables and the need to do dishes and take out trash later. Consider sharing decorations, too. Websites like Acts of Sharing might help you figure out what you can exchange. (For more thoughts on how eco-justice and community go hand in hand, check out our 2011 Earth Day resource.)
Have a blessed 4th of July weekend!

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