Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | July 5, 2011

Doing what is Moral for Creation

By: Albert Otshudi Longe

The Apostle Paul in Romans 7:15 mentions that he does not do what he intends to do, but does what he hates doing. Here exists a fight between the moral good and the negative force that penetrates the human mind. As Christians, we are often caught in this dilemma and many of us find ourselves doing what we hate. Christ requires us to be victorious in such a challenge. We know what is required of us as Christians, and we need to strive to do what is good. We are told by the Bible that the good things to do are those that preserve life and seek to glorify God.

I have noted that most Christians tend to believe that only human life needs to be preserved but I am telling you today that we should also preserve plant and animal life. If there were laws sentencing humans to jail for terminating animal and plant life, then all the jails would be filled. I challenge all Christians, let us not also commit the crimes of killing. Most of us have killed animals and destroyed plants, but Christ offers us the opportunity to repent and be saved. I thereby invite you to pray that God offers you the strength to do the moral good and preserve life for it is sacred. Always be mindful and remember God’s commandment that thou shall not kill. Let’s join together to become responsible citizens in the kingdom of God. Let us live into Paul’s call to live not by the obligations to the flesh but to the Spirit, for we are children of God and stewards of God’s Creation.

Albert Otshudi Longe is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies at Africa University in Zimbabwe. He is a United Methodist summer intern working with the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice programs. He looks forward to this summer as an opportunity to relate his faith and knowledge to our common Christian call to care for Creation.


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