Posted by: NCC Poverty Initiative Director | July 14, 2011

The Power of Diversity

By: Albert Otshudi Longe

1 Corinthians 12:12-20

Ecumenism mainly focuses on unity in diversity of Christian beliefs and traditions, and that is what makes ecumenical groups great. Diversity helps bring a variety of ideas, concepts and understandings of a particular issue and helps the group come up with a position that is inclusive of all aspects of humanity.  Thus the power of diversity is recognized in many religions and we all appreciate diversity.

God created the earth and found it necessary to have different species of plants and animals living there so as to create a stronger body. The Bible shows the unity that exists between the various parts of the body, for they all need to work together for a common good. We have been created along with animals and plants and we are meant to be united for a common good. We are interlinked and interdependent for the welfare of humanity and the world. We need Creation for our well being and we should therefore be united with it. We cannot say to Creation that we don’t need it, for how are we going to survive? In the same way, Creation cannot reject our existence. This unity makes the earth a better place to live, a place where we can enjoy the mighty works of God and live in harmony while cherishing diversity.

We therefore are called to care for this extended part of our body. We need to do no harm to Creation and conserve the existing resources, while we offer a platform of positive growth. We have to appreciate this unity in diversity for it will strengthen our spiritual and physical relationship with Creation. Thus we shall all be called sons and daughters of God.

Albert Otshudi Longe is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Studies at Africa University in Zimbabwe. He is a United Methodist summer intern working with the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice programs. He looks forward to this summer as an opportunity to relate his faith and knowledge to our common Christian call to care for Creation.


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