Posted by: tylere108 | July 29, 2011

Another Faithful Woman Standing up for Clean Air

Earlier this week I posted about Caroline, Leah, and Andy – three women of faith from different parts of the country who were in DC last week asking their members of Congress to stand up for clean air, healthy communities and a healthy Creation. In particular, one of the things they were focused on was the Mercury Air Toxics Rule that has been proposed. This rule would reduce mercury pollution from power plants by 91 percent, saving more than 17,000 lives a year (and that’s just the beginning!).

We would like to introduce you to another faithful woman standing up for clean air. Meet Rev. Martha Kirkpatrick, the Rector at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Belfast, ME.

   Before entering the ministry (which is a second career for Martha), Martha had a successful career in        environmental law. She worked for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and served as the  Commissioner of  Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection, a position she was appointed to by former  Gov. Angus King.

Even though the church is her new calling, she continues to speak out on the need for care of God’s Creation,    particularly as people of faith who are called to be stewards of God’s Earth.

Another faithful woman speaking out for clean air, healthy communities, and a healthy Creation!

Do you know any others? Share their story with us. We know they are out there.


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