Posted by: tylere108 | September 23, 2011

House Passes Bill that Threatens Communities and Creation

I don’t usually write about what is happening in Congress on our blog – I would much rather highlight the amazing work and ministry of a congregation or pastor or even tell a personal story about how eco-justice is playing a role in my life (next time I will tell you about my successful campaign to get my sister and her fiancee off of teflon pans!) But today, I have to tell you about this horrible bill that the House just passed.

Its called the TRAIN Act. This bill would prevent clean up of mercury emitting power plants and force states around the country to continue to deal with downwind pollution from states that are heavy emitters. Forgive my being crass, but basically this bill says to the American public that our representatives in the House want to keep poisoning our children – God’s children – with mercury; want to keep contaminating the fish and all of Creation with mercury; and want to make sure that air toxics keep coming out of those power plants.

Calculations done by those much smarter than I indicate that the TRAIN Act, by preventing these mercury and air toxics standards are from going into place, will result in almost 34,000 premature deaths in addition to thousands of asthma attacks, missed school days and missed work days. 

34,000 premature deaths.

Mercury is a toxic that we know threatens the health and well-being of the most vulnerable in our community – children. The science is clear, the impacts are known – and yet here we are with elected officials voting to ensure our continued exposure to mercury.

This is a moral issue. Its a faith issue.  It’s about ensuring justice for our kids, for those who live next door to these power plants and experience disproportionate exposure to mercury and other toxics. And its about serving as good stewards of God’s larger Creation. We are all part of Creation and that which threatens the quality of the air and water and the species that inhabit it also threaten us.

Here are a few other places where you can read about the TRAIN Act.

Let’s join together and make sure this bill doesn’t move forward in the Senate.



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