Posted by: tylere108 | October 4, 2011

Bragging about Lutherans in Seattle

I don’t like to brag but I figure since I am not bragging about myself, it’s not really bragging (more like complimenting?) . . . .but I am going to call it bragging anyway. Two weekends ago, I was invited to speak at an ELCA gathering on greening congregations. It was a synod wide gathering, hosted by the Northwest Washington Synod that had been in the making for a few months and was supported by many congregations in the greater Seattle area.

But let me tell you – when I woke up that morning I thought the whole thing was a goner.

It was  GORGEOUS Seattle day – mid-sixties, sunny and not a cloud in the sky – which means that for most “Seattle-ites” its a day to be outside. The end of September is usually the end of the good weather and the beginning of the rain, so I was convinced that most would be outside soaking up the last bits of sunshine and enjoying the beautiful Creation that defines much of the Northwest – Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, and the list goes on.

But boy was I wrong. More than 60 people gathered at St. Johns United Lutheran Church to learn about greening their congregation.

60 people. On the last sunny day of summer. Instead of heading outdoors, they were there to learn how to protect the outdoors and Creation.

It was truly awesome. They came from all over – South Seattle, Bellevue, Richmond, Whidbey, Issaquah, Ballard . . . and the list goes on. And on top of it all, each of them has amazing stories to tell of community gardens and energy efficient projects that were already happening. But they wanted to do more and wanted to help find ways to engage their friends and neighbors.

Thanks to all those who attended for their passion and ministry – you are truly inspiring!

Greening Your Congregation


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