Posted by: tylere108 | November 28, 2011

It’s Time to Do iT in Durban!!!

This week begins the annual United Nations Climate Conference and this year its in Durban, South Africa. Many of you have joined in our effort to encourage President Obama and Secretary Clinton to stay engaged in this conference by signing our Do iT in Durban postcard! Thank you for your support and continued ministry.

We had thousands of individuals and congregations from all over the country take the time to sign postcards. One story in particular is inspiring. Rock Spring Congregational (UCC) in Arlington, VA found out about the Do it in Durban campaign with only a few weeks left. By the time everyone had signed the postcards there was very little time left before colleagues left for Durban so Rev. Janet Parker, determined to get the postcards in with the rest sent her postcards overnight to us in our office! Many thanks to Janet (picture below) and Rock Spring Congregational Church for their time and effort!! 

We will be keeping folks up to date on what is happening in Durban over the next 2 weeks through blog posts and facebook messages. If you have any questions, feel free to be in touch so we can let you know what is happening. We will also be sharing the experiences and stories of 3 colleagues who are attending the conference to represent the US faith community and their denominations. The participants are:

  • John Hill from the United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
  • Mike Schut from the Episcopal Church
  • Bill Somplatsky-Jarman from the PCUSA

will all be attending the climate negotiations at some point over the next 2 weeks. They will be sharing their experiences with us and we will make sure to get share them with you!



  1. I met with 2 brilliant EPA scientist in health field. PRAY THAT GOD LEADS THEM 2 FIND an organizer to help develop a water polution standardardized health study. THEN A PROGRAMMER TO TAKE ALL info and see how water contamination is effecting health on NATIONAL level.
    There are ways to do this for AIR and SOME for soil , BUT NOONE has looked at water quality and its health effects ON A NATIONAL level. [THis is a grossly summarized version of these federal employees dream PROJECT.]
    I am hoping that someone in CDC might point these 2 scientists in the direction of an epidemiologist / scientist capable of helping create a standardized method to enter all water HEALTH stats into a computer .THEN A
    PROGRAMER can MAKE a NATIONAL base. Currently, there are JUST STATE to STATE info sources for air and soil .NOONE has info on large NATIONAL scale FOR WATER cuz METHOD DOES not exist AND systems are not cocordinated NATION wide.

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