Posted by: tylere108 | December 1, 2011

Durban: Not a Single Congressman at the Climate Negotiations?

While there is a lot happening at the climate negotiations as people settle into a 2 week stint of negotiations, conversations and dialogue, one thing stands out, at least for the groups from the US.

There is not a single member of Congress at the meetings or who plans to attend. Had members of Congress not attended in the past, this wouldn’t be so surprising but for the last few big negotiating meetings the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee have attended these events as well as their staff.

This year = no members and only a small handful of staff.

Unfortunately, this reflects the apparent lack of interest that we see on Capitol Hill for addressing climate change in a way that recognizes the impacts it is already having on vulnerable families and communities around the world. Can we ignore the floods and droughts and increasingly intense weather that are happening around the world as well as here in the US.

Just 2 examples:

– 13 million people are starving in the horn of Africa

– just days before the climate negotiations began, floods destroyed 700 homes in Durban 


Should members of Congress be in attendance? How can the US do a better job of engaging in the global effort to address climate change?


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