Posted by: wjlayton | February 2, 2012

New Mountaintop Removal Resources

Mountaintop removal coal mining is dramatically damaging God’s good Creation and impacting the health, homes, and lives of our neighbors in Appalachia. At the same time, mountaintop removal mining can be difficult and controversial for a community to discuss.

The National Council of Churches has created two new resources to help your faith community talk about mountaintop removal and pray with our sisters and brothers in Appalachia to end the destruction of God’s beautiful mountains. Our worship resource contains prayers and sermon starter ideas for talking about mountaintop removal in a worship context. Our faithful reflection guide contains questions for reflecting on mountaintop removal as people of faith. You can download both resources here

Your congregation might also consider using the faithful reflection guide as part of a listening session to help your community to learn more about mountaintop removal. For more information on listening sessions, email me or call me at (202) 481-6931.

In addition to these resources, a recording of the NCC’s Fall 2011 webinar on mountaintop removal is available on our YouTube channel. There, you can hear Baptist minister Greg Griffey pray and talk about mountaintop removal from a faith perspective.

If you’d like to learn more about ways your community can talk about mountaintop removal, email me at


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