Posted by: jblevins | April 15, 2010

Enjoy Public Lands this Earth Day!

So, Earth Day is around the corner (if you haven’t checked out our Earth Day worship and education resource – be sure to!). But, the beautiful day in DC today (sunny, mid 70’s, stellar), had led me to encourage you to enjoy our countries beautiful network of public lands this Earth Day – or any day 🙂

April 22nd is our federally designated Earth Day each year – and it strikes me as appropriate to take some time to enjoy some of the greatest actions our government has taken to protect God’s Creation on that day. Our national network of public lands embodies the ideals of cooperation, community, equitable sharing of Earth’s bounty, utilizing the blessings of the land for the common good, and preserving the stunning landscapes and irreplaceable wildlife entrusted to our care.

Lands, wilderness, and open spaces have always been central to the Judeo-Christian tradition, playing a vital role in the spiritual journeys of Biblical peoples from Moses to Jesus Christ. Lands are also an essential part of God’s creation. Through them, God nourishes life; provides the foundation of terrestrial ecosystems and human communities; supplies blessings of sustenance like soil, water, timber and minerals; and offers natural space for prayer and spiritual renewal. As a nation, we recognize and celebrate these blessings in the 623 million acres of public lands nationwide. These include our national parks and forests, wilderness and conservation areas, wildlife refuges, and other lands held in the public trust.

This Earth Day, get outside, and enjoy this beautiful network of public lands you have at your disposal. Click here or here to find the space closest to you. And click here to get more involved in the National Council of Churches Wilderness and Public Lands Initiative, and here to download wilderness education and worship resources.


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